Buyers Shopping for Central Coast Real EstateCentury 21 Hometown has more consumer website traffic (over 600,000 monthly visits) than any other brokerage or franchise website on the Central Coast according to Hitwise. Only Century 21 Hometown partners,, and have more. No other brokerage ranks in the top 10 for the Central Coast DMA, Hitwise reports. The Central Coast DMA or Demographic Market Area is defined as the stretch of the California coastline that includes Ventura County, Santa Barbara County, and San Luis Obsipo County. The image to the left explains where consumers are connected to the internet when they access for property information. Our ability to attract buyers from beyond the local market area is a key reason why sellers choose to list their home with a Century 21 Hometown agent.

As you might imagine, most buyers for real estate on the Central Coast are local. San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande, two of the region’s largest cities account for the most significant amount of consumer traffic. Where it gets interesting is looking at the other cities in the top 10. They include, in order of traffic volume: Bakersfield, Los Angles, Santa Maria, Paso Robles, San Francisco, Atascadero, Paso Robles, and Orcutt.

“I am not surprised at all by these results,” says Century 21 Hometown Realty broker Amy Gallagher. “I review every transaction for the company and I routinely see the buyers coming in from the Central Valley, Bay Area, and Los Angles.” Central Coast is known by many to provide one of the best lifestyles in America and real estate here trades at a discount to property closer to the major metropolitan cities.

The Future Looks Bright

The county planning commissions in Ventura, Santa Barbara, and San Luis Obsipo Counties have taken care to manage growth. Every planned development project goes through a careful consideration process to ensure that expansion does not overwhelm community roads, school, or other population sensitive services. We have a condition whereby far more people are trying to move to the Central Coast than move away. This holds property prices stable and drives property value growth.  If you would like to see our recent Central Coast Market Trends, here is a sample for the CCRMLS market area for Northern Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County.

Central Coast Market Trends


Free Credit Scores Abound

As a home buyer, a mortgage may play an important role in your purchase. It is a good idea to check your credit history before starting the home buying process. You will want credit hygiene to enhance your opportunity to negotiate the best possible mortgage program.  A handful of credit card issuers are betting that you’d like to see your credit score every month. Discover, Barclaycard US and First Bankcard’s have started offering their 35 million cardholders free access to their credit scores.

The score they’re sharing ? called FICO ? is used by credit card issuers to decide whether to give you a charge account and what interest rate to charge you.

Discover is putting your credit score on your monthly statement. Barclaycard and First Bankcard customers will have to visit their credit card company’s website to see their score.

You don’t have to open a new credit card account to see your credit score. and will give you a credit score (without making you pay for credit monitoring services as some other sites do).

The score you get on those sites can be different from your FICO score and from the credit scores used by mortgage companies, auto dealers and other types of lenders.

All credit scores are calculated using information from your credit report, but each type of credit score is based on a proprietary formula devised by the company that sells the score. While different scores have different number ranges they all predict how likely you are to repay.

So if you have good credit based on one scale, you should have good credit based on another credit score’s scale, even though the two numbers might be different.