Just about every home makes a little noise, but sometimes the noises are not just charming creeks, they annoy you. Rather than calling Ghost Hunters, there are a few things that you can do to make those noises go away. In fact, sometimes those noises you hear are early warnings of a big problem waiting to happen – like a backed up sewer line. If you can figure out what you are hearing, you may be able to fix it. Here are a few common sounds that homes make along with some repair suggestions.

Toilet Gurgling

Cause: This could be one of two things. First, your sewer line could be backed up. This can happen when tree roots find their way into the pipes. When you flush something that gets hung up around the roots, the pipe becomes partially blocked.A Another possibility is a worn-out toilet valve. If it is the valve, a constantly running toilet will tip you off. You will need to replace the gasket in the tank reservoir.

If you are like me, you would call a plumber. If you are a do-it-youselfer you would rent a sewer snake and try to clear the problem yourself. You can rent sewer snakes or purchase tank reservoir gaskets at most local hardware stores.

Knocking or Banging Inside Walls

Cause: This typically occurs when you turn your water faucets on or off. It is called a pressure hammer, and it happens when air pressure builds up in your water pipes, causing them to vibrate when the pressure is released.

If the pipe was not mounted properly, or it has loosened over the years, then it bangs against the stud in your wall. To fix it, you will need to open up the wall. You can either add mounting brackets to the pipe or put a sleeve over the pipe.

Humming from the Regridgerator

That noise is not likely gremlins eating your food. It is probably the compressor motor. Fridges are full of electrical devices that can cause all sorts of problems. If you refrigerator is more than 10 years old, you should consider replacing it rather than repairing it. New refrigerators are much more energy efficient. If it is a newer refrigerator, call an appliance repair specialist.

Squeaking from the Dryer

Cause: Many older dryer models have a belt that wraps around a drum. When the belt gets loose or worn, it starts to make that high pitched noise. To fix, either call an appliance specialist or open up the back of the dryer and replace the belt.

Thumping from the Washing Machine

Cause: The most likely cause of thumping is that the clothes in the washing machine are not evenly distributed. When weight builds up on one side the machine cannot keep its balance during the spin cycle. This also happens frequently when the washing machine is overloaded.

To fix this, redistribute the load or remove some of the heavy items.

Creaking Floors

Cause: Floors creak when the wood is loose. The board are moving up and down and rubbing against each other.

Sometimes you can fix this by simply putting some baby powder in the area. However, a permanent fix will require you to tighten the board by nailing, screwing, or gluing the boards. The best way to fix this without destroying the floor is from underneath. You may be able to tighten the subfloor or ad a 2X4 joist to add support.

Rattling or Whooshing Windows

Cause: When weather stripping fails on old windows, drafts happen.

To repair this, you will need to put on some new weather stripping. An alternative is to put a storm window on the outside.

Running or Hissing Faucets

Cause: If a faucet is leading enough, it can sound like its raining. If it is barely open, it can make a hissing sound, like air going through a reed.

You most likely need to replace the washer valve. Turn off the water to the sink underneath and remove the faucet. Take it with you to the hardware store to get new washers.

Chewing, Scratching, or Rustling in the ceiling or walls

Cause: Mouse, Rat, or a Bird

Animals are pretty cleaver. They have adapted quite nicely to the comfort of homes. If you hear prolonged scratching, you probably have a rodent problem. Best bet is to call a pet control specialist.