The “Spring Fling” frenzy for real estate is right around the corner! When the temperatures start to rise, the real estate market will also heat up bringing competition or home sellers who want to get top dollar. If you’re planning on selling your home in the next few months, here’s what you can do now to make your house at the top of the “hot buy” list!


We’re not suggesting to pack up your kitchen and camp the next few months, but start packing and get rid of what you don’t want to take with you. By getting rid of any junk and boxing up storage closets, attics, the garage, your home will actually look larger and neater when it’s time to show your home. CLEAR THE


To help prospects focus on the beauty of your home, here’s a spring cleaning checklist to de-clutter:

Entryway: This is the first area prospective homebuyers will see, so remove coats, umbrellas, or shoes from your mudroom or foyer.

Cabinets, pantry, nightstands, closets: Remove items (e.g. medications, tissues, etc), other than those used for decorative purposes. Closets shouldn’t be packed so much they’re bursting.

Kitchen: Countertops should be clear of everything except for decor and essential kitchen equipment (e.g. toaster). The fridge should be free of magnets, bills, flyers, or coupons.

Bedrooms: Beds should be made; clothes and shoes shouldn’t be on the floor.

Furniture and electronic equipment: Keep these to a minimum. This will give the impression of a more open floor plan. Organize cords for electronics (e.g. computers, TV).


Home staging is all about allowing prospects to imagine your home becoming their home. Making your home neutral and fresh, yet still warm and inviting is key. Here are some tips on helping you achieve a balance:

Personal effects: Pack up family photos, sports memorabilia, trophies, figurines or artwork. In the bathrooms hide razors, deodorants, and other personal items.

Collections: What you collect (e.g. books, religious artifacts, etc.) may not necessarily be the same things your prospects would collect. Reading material should reflect neutral subjects, such as architecture or food.

Repaint walls: The color palette of the house should be neutral. You want buyers to project themselves onto the house, not feel like your personality is the overarching theme of the house. Use color psychology to know how each tone or color affects your buyers.

Wall coverings: Remove or replace wall treatments that have not been changed in the past five to seven years.


First impressions are important and many buyers decide within seconds if the home has the right look and feel so make sure your curb appeal is actually appealing.

Yards: Winter can leave your yard looking dirty. Trim shrubs, weed flower beds, and throw away leaves and garbage. Planting flowers around the yard can go a long way in raising its appeal, especially during the spring.

Porch and patio: Springtime gives people a great excuse to sit out and bask in the weather, so make sure your porch and patio offer that. For a more appealing porch or patio, you can add potted plants along the walkway, even hang a beautiful wreath on the front door. Make sure you remedy any peeling paints, or repaint if needed.


Take advantage of the fresh spring weather by opening your windows to let the fresh air and sunlight come in and make your house feel (and smell) vibrant. Bright rooms aren’t just aesthetically-pleasing, they also look bigger.

If natural light doesn’t suffice, add floor or table lamps to areas that are darker or dimmer than others. You can even add some (subtle) air fresheners to give that springtime feeling a bit of a boost.

Spring cleaning for the upcoming Spring Fling will be great for your home and wallet! People tend to buy, whether it be a home or a box of breakfast cereal, for emotional reasons — then back it up with logic. And this is especially true with the real estate spring selling season.

That’s because spring carries with it powerful symbolism; the feeling of renewal, a fresh start. And this can be a powerful metaphor when selling your home. But it’s key you remove any obstacles to this motivating factor. By ensuring your home is clean, free of trouble areas, and looking as fresh as possible, you might just enjoy a fantastic return on your investment this spring. (Which required little more than a bit of elbow grease.)

(article information taken from “5 Ways Homeowners Can Prepare For The Spring Selling Season” by JD ESAJIAN,

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