The central coast is among the most outstanding wine regions in the world, offering the prefect conditions for producing a wide range of outstanding varietals. For those who enjoy wine, there are few gastronomic pleasures beyond tasting a wine with your feet planted in the very soil in which it was grown. This may sound somewhat odd, but you can actually smell the vineyard in the wine – it is a rich earthly smell that changes from region to region.

In addition to the bounty of wine, there is a culture of wine that is as diverse as the wines themselves. The community boasts groups of all types of wine enthusiasts. Although there are massive wineries here, producing thousands of cases of wine for international distribution – there are also far more backyard vineyards where property owners embrace their version of the micro-winery. The results are outstanding.

If you would like help selecting a property for your vineyard, we have vineyard specialists in Northern San Luis Obispo County, Southern San Luis Obispo County, and Northern Santa Barbara County to help you.

This month, one of our local wine enthusiasts is celebrating Paso Robles Syrah. Here is a great video to enjoy


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