Foot traffic to properties for sale can provide great insight into the direction of future home sales. SentriLock is the lock box provider to the regions real estate professionals. Today’s lock boxes are smart. They record information each time the lockbox is accessed, and record who access the box. Aside from the enhaned security features, knowing the number of showings is indicative of real estate buyer activity.  SentriLock, LLC. provides showing data to the National Association of REALTTORS Research with monthly data on the number of showings.

Foot traffic in the area covered by the Paso Robles Board of REALTORS® (CA) declined by 13% in February of this year relative to the same month last year. This was the 4th consecutive year-over-year decline.

However, foot traffic from a year earlier was atypically strong, while current levels remain robust relative to the strong, tax-induced levels from the spring of 2010.

paso robles real estate showings report
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