We’ve all heard the old adage “a clean home is a happy home.” It’s pretty safe to say a clean home is also a healthier one as well and we call use an extra dose of healthy! In the world of real estate, “Spring Cleaning” a house before selling is always key in making sure the house sell faster and even for more money. Since we all find ourselves home a lot more than expected these days, we’ve come up with a 7-day “Spring Cleaning” to keep us productive, healthier and even prepare your house to hit the real estate market if you’re interested. WIN…WIN…WIN!

Cleaning the entire house can feel overwhelming, but if you take a little at a time, one day at a time, your house can be spotless in no time.


We’re going to break down Kitchen cleaning into two days.. Take the time to not only clean but declutter as you go.
• Wipe down all the same surfaces as you did for the bathroom. Use that hot water, soap and start scrubbing those surfaces. Great time to work out all that Corona-virus frustration!
• Wipe down the walls, the outside of the cabinets, the handles on the cabinets and disinfect the inside of the sink basin as well.
• Open cabinets and neatly organize anything that looks out-of-place and purge any-thing that no longer is needed.
• Wipe down the floor and call it a day!
Seller’s Tips –
• Now that your Kitchen is sparkly clean, make sure the room is bright with sunlight.
• Also, be sure to repair any leaky faucets and pipes.


We’re baaaack! Look around, you have to admit it’s looking good and we’re feeling good, right? Today, we finish the Kitchen by tacking those appliances.
• Let’s start with the fridge. Empty the shelves to wipe them down, double-check the expiration dates on the items that remain in your fridge. If they are no longer any good, it’s time to get rid of them! Scrub your fridge ’all those questionable drips and rings are gone then load back up the condiments and food items.
• Now let’s tackle the oven and cleaning the range. Choose a cleaner that is effective but that won’t damage your skin or unhealthy to breathe. Clean the range, then open the oven. If your oven is self-cleaning, hit the button! If not, start wiping down the inside of the oven to make it shine.
• Wipe out the inside and outside of the microwave
• Turn off the kitchen light, your work is done for the day.
Seller’s Tips –
• Make sure all stove, microwave, and refrigerator lights are working.
• Repair all loose handles and knobs. Your dishwasher must be working.
• Go and buy new stove plates or burner covers.


Let’s face it, if we want to be healthier, bathrooms are the perfect place to start!
• Clean the entire parameter of the room from right to left.
• Wipe down door handles, light switches, walls, sink, countertops even base-boards…anything that has a surface, wipe it down with disinfecting products!
• Scrub the toilet, the shower, the tub, the shower head and don’t forget to wipe down the mirrors.
• Once all the surfaces and items in the bathrooms are cleaned, be sure to empty out the trash and wash the floors. DONE!
Seller’s Tips –
• Replace old toilet seats and make sure that every toilet is flushing perfectly. (People often flush the toilets to see if your plumbing is working.)
• Check your grouting and repair or replace any missing tiles.
• Buy new shower curtains and be sure there is no mildew anywhere.
• Put new caulking around toilets and showers.
• Take off any mineral deposit or soap deposit film on your shower doors and walls.
• Organize under the sinks and medicine cabinets (yes, people will open everything). Put away anything personal or dangerous.
• Check ceilings for cracks, stains, and moisture problems.


Let’s take one of the smallest but busiest rooms in houses with kids, the Laundry.
• Start one of the never-ending loads of laundry.
• Wipe down the tops of the washer and dryer.
• Clean out the lint traps.
• Clean and pick up anything that’s fallen between or behind either unit.
• Organize your detergents so they are all nice, neat and stocked appropriately.
• Sweep the floor.
Seller’s Tips –
• Dust and clean your appliances like washers, dryers, hot water heaters, and furnace.
• Check for any leaks. If your basement has a musty smell (hopefully your friend who did the house tour will have told you) pour bleach down your drains, do not have damp clothing.


Even though the Living Room is one of the largest spaces, it’s generally one of the easiest to clean and freshen up.
• Wipe down all surfaces, baseboards and light switches.
• Dust any shelves, and also the backs and legs of furniture. Be sure to declutter any shelves of unnecessary items.
• Open up your windows and let that fresh air in and while you’re at it, clean the in-side and outside of those windows as well.
• Vacuum if you have carpet, or sweep if not.
Seller’s Tips –
• Be sure to fill holes and patch any other problems.
• Straighten the furniture, and be sure that the cushions are plumped and smoothed.
• Clean the fireplace and do not forget to use glass cleaner on both sides, if you have glass doors. Put a bowl of potpourri in the fireplace (nothing too overpowering).
• Anything on the coffee tables or shelves or mantle should be neatly stacked.

DAY 6 and 7 – BEDROOMS

You are in the homestretch! Just like the Kitchen we are going to tackle the Bedrooms in 2 days (maybe even 3 depending on the number of Bedrooms.)
• Follow the same cleaning protocol as you did in the Living Room: wipe, dust, win-dows, floors.
• Change out the sheets, flip and rotate the mattress.
• Here’s the biggie – organize the closets! Make a donate pile for clothing items that no longer fit or are needed.
Seller’s Tips –
• Patch walls and ceilings if during decluttering, you left a trail of nail holes.
• Clean light fixtures (all over the house), replace bulbs, and be sure to put in soft white bulbs not harsh or glaring bulbs.
• Ceiling fans need to be dusted and cleaned.
• Clean smudgy fingerprints off walls, doors, and light switches. (These bedroom doors often are overlooked).
• Nightstands emptied and organized attractively.

Walk through your house, look around and see if there is anything we missed. Looking good? You tackled it and completed the 7-day “Spring Cleaning” Plan. CONGRATULATIONS!

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