Templeton is located approximately five miles south of Paso Robles and five miles north of Atascadero However, much of the surrounding unincorporated area between Atascadero and Paso Robles also considers itself part of Templeton, and U.S. mail is addressed likewise. Templeton has a Mediterranean climate that is characterized by mild winters and dry summers. The area usually has low humidity. Rain generally falls only between November and March, with the... Read More


Shandon's population was 1,295 at the 2010 census. Shandon is located at the bottom of the San Juan Valley, where San Juan Creek and Cholame Creek come together to form the Estrella River, which flows west to meet the Salinas River north of Paso Robles. Shandon is also at the junction of State Routes 41 and 46, at the southwestern portion of the stretch where the two highways merge together for... Read More

Santa Ynez

Santa Ynez, California is noted for western-style architecture. The town of Santa Ynez is one of the communities that make up the Santa Ynez Valley, and features the Santa Ynez Airport for general aviation with a paved 2804 x 75 foot runway. The population was 4,418 at the 2010 census. It is named after Saint Agnes. The area is known throughout the world for is famous Pinot Noir vineyards and... Read More

Santa Maria

Santa Maria is a city in Santa Barbara County, on the Central Coast of California. Santa Maria's population in the 2010 census of 99,553, confirmed what had been known, that it had surpassed that of Santa Barbara making it the largest city in the county. Santa Maria experiences a cool Mediterranean climate typical of coastal areas of California.The climate is mostly sunny refreshed by the ocean breeze. Fog is common.... Read More

Santa Margarita

Santa Margarita is a located in San Luis Obispo California. The population was 1,259 at the 2010 census. Located in the foothills of the Santa Lucia Mountains, it is one of the most rural areas in San Luis Obispo County. Santa Margarita Lake is a major water source for San Luis Obispo, is located several miles southeast of the town on the Salinas River. The town is located on the... Read More

San Miguel

Our countryside is chock full of hidden wonders. Consider the rural expanse of San Miguel CA. Just north of Paso Robles enjoy the historic gem of San Miguel Arcangel (or San Miguel Archangel) the 16th California mission founded in 1797 tracing the El Camino Real trail. This rural treasure hasn't changed much during the past centuries. Unfortunately, due to earthquake damage, the Mission is temporarily closed to visitors, but the... Read More

San Luis Obispo

San Luis is a city in California, located roughly midway between San Francisco and Los Angeles on the Central Coast. Founded in 1772 San Luis Obispo is one of California’s oldest communities. The city, referred to locally as "San Luis" or "SLO. It has been referred to as "the happiest city in America" by Oprah Winfrey and the National Geographic book Thrive by Dan The population was 45,119 at the... Read More

Paso Robles

El Paso de Robles, or "Pass of the Oaks", a community of 29,950 nestled in the coastal mountain range of central California, where the values and riches of the past are interwoven with the future. Located close to mountains, beaches, and deserts, it is home to one of the United States’ greatest wine growing areas and a growing number of hot springs resorts. The City of Paso Robles has a... Read More


Nipomo is blessed with beautiful coastal weather featuring delightful ocean breezes and wonderfully mild temperatures year round. On average, temperatures rise to a welcoming 80 degrees and dip to a refreshing 42 degrees, providing one of the finest and most desirable climates for both agriculture and mankind. Our beautiful community is nestled in the foothills with a variety of scenic views: acres of avocado and lemon orchards, sand dunes bordering... Read More

Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a waterfront city in San Luis Obispo County, California. As of the 2010 census the city population was 10,234. The town of Morro Bay was founded by Franklin Riley in 1870 as a port for the export of dairy and ranch products. He was instrumental in the building of a wharf which has now become the Embarcadero. During the 1870s, schooners could often be seen at the... Read More