Ojai Real Estate

Ojai Real EstateOjai is just a few miles up Highway 33, but a world away from the headaches and traffic that thwart much of Southern California. About 12 miles inland from Ventura, Ojai is the smallest city in Ventura County.

Ojai’s charms are many. The community has long been known as a haven for artists, musicians and health enthusiasts. A village ”as the locals call it is a vibrant place with so much natural beauty that it gained fame decades ago when the area was photographed to represent Shangri-La in the 1939 movie, The Lost Horizon.

Filled with delightful shops, art galleries and a host of places to retreat from the fast-paced lifestyle that can knot the nerves, Ojai invites you to walk its oak-shaded paths taking some time to drink in the serenity of it all.


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the outdoor treasures are the many parks that dot the city. In the middle of town is the pride of Ojai: Libbey Park. There mighty oaks give shade to a playground for children, and there are plenty of paths and picnic areas.


Ojai Real Estate